Psyche in a Classroom

Sarah Paulin
Production Manager

A childlike man
Dark, dreary, deadly –
Id bellows from the confines of his desk
Sleek darkness curls from his tongue
Taking the shape of sweet fiends
Their bottomless mouths
Shrieking about pleasures fulfilled most promptly
A cacophony of needs
Demanding to be loved Immediately, imperatively, impossibly
A mirage of gold
Luminous, luscious, loving –
Superego’s words are like roses grazing skin
Filled with promise
And a sprinkle of thorns
Reciting morality like it’s scripture
An outline for enlightenment
A simple gospel
Live for others
You don’t belong to yourself
Ego shifts
The only student in the boundless hall
Torn between his teachers
And their antagonistic theories
To whom must he listen?
Id speaks volumes
Flanked on either side by the powerful demons of self-doubt and insecurity
Superego’s lectures of greatness
Create longing and unearned pomposity
Where is the middle ground?
Where is the shade of grey in this black and white classroom?

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol.49 Issue 07 on December 4th, 2019