Quantum Horizon

Schrödinger’s Computer Processor

Jake Jasko


A team of researchers at Oxford College have been able to a create a quantum logic gate with a 99.9% precision rating- Reaching the benchmark needed to begin manufacturing an actual Quantum computer.

The mechanics of Quantum computing are dense and complex. Qubits replace computer bits, transistors and logic gates are replaced by quantum gates. All values are equal to 1 and to 0 at the same time, probably. While explaining what, exactly, makes Quantum computing work is difficult, explaining what it can help us do is not.

No one is entirely sure just how widespread Quantum computers will become- They’re fast, faster than anything we can fathom, since they can calculate multiple values in parallel with just a fraction of the time a normal computer would take. They can search through databases infinitely faster and more efficiently. Quantum computers would allow us to create precise and accurate quantum simulations, to better understand the universe and how it works. It allows us to create exact models of molecular structures.

It’ll also shatter modern encryption protocols-Quantum computers are soo fast at calculating variables that they could easily outpace modern codebreaking technologies, absolutely devastating the digital security environment.

While full-fledged Quantum computers are still a ways away, it’s time we start becoming aware of their terrifying and awesome potential.

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