Response: Make a Decision

Janet Donaldson (University and Career Information Centre)

I would like to respond to Anonymous who is concerned with whether it’s better to extend their stay in CEGEP until a clear decision about future plans has been made, or to take the plunge into the next phase of life. Those of you graduating in May still have until March 1st to make a decision about applying to Quebec universities. Out of province universities have different application deadlines, so be sure to check out the schools you are interested in now as some schools have deadlines as early as the end of January.

Making decisions about your future at John Abbott or once you have graduated CEGEP can be overwhelming. Just as students here change programs to explore other interests, many students entering university will also change their minds once they’ve begun their studies. This is normal.

The University & Career Information Centre (UCIC) here at John Abbott is a service offered to students exploring their options as they prepare to leave CEGEP. Whether you are considering looking for work in a particular field or continuing your education at another level, the UCIC is here for you. We will help you strategize, find school programs and application information, answer your questions about career and school requirements, and even look over your school applications if you wish. We will also refer you to the appropriate service here at JAC if your needs are not met by our services.

Located in Student Services, the UCIC is open 8:30-4:30 Monday to Friday. A resource person is available from 12:30-2:45 Monday to Thursday to answer your questions. There is no appointment necessary, so drop by and see how we can help you!

No time to visit the UCIC? Join the University & Career Information Centre Community on the JAC portal. Look in the Directory of Communities under My JAC Communities.

You will find the University & Career Information Centre under Student Services in the Directory. Here, you will find tip sheets, links to universities, career information, scholarship websites, trade and vocational schools and much more. Join today.

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