Rocky Horror Picture Show Montreal: Montreal Does the Time Warp Again this Halloween

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Have you ever wanted to wear your sexiest lingerie and dance in public without getting judged? Throw a bunch of toast and toilet paper up in the air? Call people sluts and assholes as loud as you can? Montreal’s Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween Ball is the place to be if that is the case. If you have got no plans on Halloween or the 27th and 28th of October, grab some friends and head downtown to experience one of the best events in Montreal. The cult classic film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is played on the screen while there is a live action cast on stage. You do not have to have watched the movie beforehand, it is a wild time regardless if you know it or not!

It is much better to go into this not knowing what it is about but here is a brief summary of the story: After a recently engaged couple, Brad and Janet, have their
car broken down, they soon find themselves looking for help in the mansion of a transvestite who also happens to be a mad scientist. Sex, rock and roll, murder and some cannibalism ensue as Brad and Janet’s innocence is lost. The Rocky Horror Picture Show, originally called The Rocky Horror Show, came out originally as a play written by Richard O’Brien back in 1973 before it was adapted to the big screen in 1975. Making people question their sexuality since then, the film has gained many followers and people still go and see their local shows. A lot of places even have a weekly or monthly showing. Unfortunately, Montreal is not one of them but there is much more “antici…pation” built up when October finally comes around.

You can come dressed in whatever you want! A lot of people will dress as the characters or any other Halloween costume. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can also just come half-naked with lingerie, fishnets, and heels. No one cares what you are dressed in, just have fun!

Many will probably agree that the audience participation is what makes this show so unique and fun. At certain points during the film, the audience screams back little comments. The one that you should definitely know if you choose to attend, is to yell “asshole” every time Brad’s name is mentioned and “slut” whenever Janet’s name is mentioned. As for the props, there are scenes in the movie where things are thrown and used by the audience. Bring some toilet paper, toast, newspaper and a small water gun, but do not throw anything on the stage!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show was so important to people back when it first came out and it still is now. It is one of the most fun events in Montreal happening during Halloween! Anyone is welcome to attend the show, it is a night where you can turn into whoever you want and dance your best moves during the Time Warp. Come and give yourself over to absolute pleasure!

Angela Engson
Staff Writer

Originally Published in Vol. 47 Issue 4 on October 25th, 2017 

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