Run the Jewels Review

run the jewels

Andrew Wood
Office Manager

Metropolis recently hosted a performance by legendary hip-hop duo Run the Jewels, featuring Killer Mike and El-P. With their rough, in-your-face attitude, distinct production work and three critically acclaimed albums under their belt, Run the Jewels have proven themselves to be a force to be reckoned with on multiple occasions. The concert on February 11th was no exception, it was absolutely incredible.

The show began with a DJ set by Nick Hook of Fools Gold Records, who really showed that there is still room for some old-school scratching in the world. The set continued with an appearance by Gangsta Boo, an artist who was featured on the track “Love Again” by Run the Jewels, and former member of the hip-hop group 36 Mafia. After their set, we were treated to another one by The Gaslamp Killer, a music producer known for his extremely experimental and unconventional choices in samples. He put on a killer show as well.

After the openers, the show everybody was waiting for finally began: Killer Mike and El-P took the stage and right from the get go, they brought the heat. They delivered song after song with enough passion and energy to send the crowd into a collective frenzy. They never once relented unless they were verbally addressing the crowd, but these little interludes were excellent, and still really got the crowd going. I have a lot of respect for El-P for giving a small lesson about consent mid-show, as he was noticing some unacceptable behaviour happening in the audience. I thought this was the coolest thing I had ever seen at a concert. Due to the intense nature of Run the Jewels there was sure to be a mosh pit, and sure enough, my expectations were exceeded.

As for the performances, they really knocked it out of the park. The majority of the show was comprised of songs from their latest album, which was in no way a bad thing because it happens to be my favorite out of their entire discography. But they added tracks from their past albums to the mix as well, which most definitely pleased the crowd. One highlight was the fantastic opening with “Talk to Me”. Songs like “Legend Has it”, “Run the Jewels”, “Early”, and “Hey Kids” were all incredible as well. Personally, the biggest highlight was being able to see “Love Again” performed in its entirety, featuring none other than Gangsta Boo herself, performing the most memorable verse in the song.

While I could go on forever about this concert in great detail, I’ll just say that seeing Run the Jewels has been such a privilege, and I hope to see them again.

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