Short collection of poems 02

Iman Chaudhry

Procrastinator Editor

Some more poem submission by my close friend Niki again because she deserve some serious recognition for her wisdom and way of words <3

Your ears holding the sound of the ocean, your eyes molding the waves in motion, following emotion through your gaze, gifting me a slight daze, wandering my way through the maze of your mind, your being affect me like fine wine, wondering if you’d catch the sign. (@ f0rest._.nymph444 on instagram)

P.S: Dear readers I’m sorry if this issue’s section is really short hehe I’m working on something big that I might start publishing in the next issues depending if I feel comfortable sharing… Also cat doodles shall be back >:D the ones I do have well… they’re a bit too depressing… they’re not silly enough >:) I shall make silly doodles. Next issues will definitely be longer, and hopefully in paper too! Goodluck to everyone for their final exams!! I wish you all a good preparation and I wish my fellow friends who are graduating this year luck in their career paths! I might get a new pet during the summer too and I might post him sometimes here too hehe. Til next time!! :3


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