Some Situations at Abbott – How Many Have you Experienced?

  • Having to make conversation with a now not-so-close friend from a past class.
  • Holding the door for a person behind you that’s a bit too far away to get there without an awkward delay, or vice versa.
  • Getting a creepy shout-out on JAC Secrets.
  • Making, and then immediately breaking, eye contact with past teachers/classmates.
  • Getting shade after passive aggressively telling your classmates in a group project to do some work.
  • Having an MIO read, but not responded to, for days.
  • Mentioning to someone that you’re in Bandersnatch and them asking, “What’s that?!?”.
  • Forgetting a teacher’s/classmate’s name whilst being in conversation with them.
  • Getting a weird stare as you eat your lunch sitting on a hallway floor.
  • Opening a door into another person on the other side, and awkward, non-verbal communication deciding which person should go first.
  • Saying you have “work to do” to bail on hangouts with friends, when actually you’re just exhausted from the college experience.
  • Wondering about someone’s gender based on their appearance, but then dismissing the thought as unimportant because we’re all humans to be treated equally regardless of gender and appearance.
  • Hoping that everyone in your class is “disinterested in getting good grades,” so you get a high R score.
  • Having your money swallowed by a vending machine.
  • Meeting your teacher on a bus, sparking up a conversation, only to have them fade into the crowd when they get tired of talking with you.
  • Needing to get somewhere fast, but having a slow person in front of you, so you try and move ahead, but people going in the opposite direction are blocking your way, so you awkwardly fall back behind.


Connor Sin-Chan
Assistant Editor-in-Chief 

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 6 on November 22, 2017