Congratulations on the Hockey Tournament Win!

by Xina Cowan

After an incredible, intense season, JAC’s Aboriginal Student Resource Centre’s intramural floor hockey team won gold among the opposing teams within their league. They were able to snatch the title from their opposing team, Sunnyvale, who had been ranked #1 throughout the entire season. The game went into overtime, with Lukasi Tukkiapik (Inuit) scoring the winning goal for the team. Credit must also be given to their incredible goalie, Jadyn Nicholas Lauder (Mohawk), who was the only female on the court. This was the first Aboriginal intramural team. In the past, efforts to make a successful team never really worked out.


The team brought together Aboriginal students from different nations and groups (Cree, Inuit, Mohawk, Métis). As a result, amazing new friendships and a community of incredible spirit and support were created. This team gave the students the opportunity to engage in a healthy, meaningful activity that inspired their pride and connection to JAC.

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