Sportsball At Its Finest

What a time it has been at the sports ball arena! Where people from all around the world come together to watch their favorite sports team, play everybody’s favorite sporting event, “THE SPORTS BALL FINALS”! Everyone has been cheering on their sports team as they watch them go neck and neck with the opposing sports team!

Once the half time show started, we were greeted with a phenomenal performance by that famous pop star, followed by the most needlessly expensive commercials you can ever dream for. We got our first glimpse of the new Hollywood blockbuster and a shoe commercial featuring an overpaid retired athlete endorsing a pair of shoes he would never wear in real life.

It was a close match as the sports teams collided with each other to get that elusive sports ball, there were fumbles, there were tackles, there were touchdowns, goals, 3 pointers and many many more at today’s sports ball game. But the local sports team emerged victorious. Fans of the sports team went wild and showed their appreciation for the sports they play. The team ran from base to base as basketballs flew from the sky. It was truly a sight to behold.

This is Sporty McSportcaster talking to you about everybody’s favorite sporting event in the history of sports, “Sports Ball”.

Picture Source: Wikimedia

Andrew Wood
Entertainment Editor

Originally published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 05 on November 8, 2017