Stranger Confessions

by Sara Shields (Staff Writer)

Do you really know the person sitting next to you in class, waiting in line in front of you at the cafeteria, or the person you just bumped into running down the hallway?

In this series of photographs and quotations, I will attempt to show how similar, yet how different we are from each other by asking strangers life’s biggest questions. – A fellow stranger

Question of the week: What is your biggest fear and why?


“My biggest fear is death. I know that’s typical, but I have this weird thing with death. I started losing people at a very young age from various cancers and diseases, and the idea of losing the time that I have ahead of me or the people I am surrounded with terrifies me to the point where I used to have anxiety attacks every single night.
“I’m better now: I don’t have that kind of panic anymore. Reading books like The Fault in Our Stars in high school really didn’t help. I’m very emotional about books and movies in general and cry at the end of a lot of them, but that book killed me. After reading it, I cried for two days straight. I avoided seeing the movie because I knew how deeply it would affect me.”

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