SUJAC Update

Hello Abbotters! SUJAC hopes that everyone is still holding on because the semester is more than halfway done. Hope you had a nice Easter Break!

We would like to start off this Update with the SUJAC Elections! This is your chance to run for a SUJAC Executive position. There are 6 positions to consider: President, VP Internal, VP Academic, VP Finance, VP External and VP Communications. As an Exec, you get a big say in the student business that goes on in the College and you get your own official spot in the SUJAC Office, P-101. The 10-day SUJAC Executive Nomination period opens Wednesday, April 6, so come by P-101 to find out more about these leadership roles.

In other news, this year the Loonie Line had the biggest success in JAC HISTORY! Over $15,450 was raised for struggling students and there is still more funds coming in. We’d like to thank everyone for the donations and the participation in this annual event.

On another note, SUJAC would like to hear your ideas on new Complimentary Courses for the College to offer in future semesters. This is nothing official, but if you have any good ideas, make sure to forward them to sujacvpcommunications@johnabbott.

Multicultural week was a huge success. This week is a reminder of what makes John Abbott College and Canada itself great. This country has room for people of all cultures and races and we’re all about building love and laughter (not walls).

Also, we’d like to thank everyone for voting on Omnivox, on the Health & Dental Insurance Referendum. Keep an eye on Omnivox for the results.

We would also like to congratulate GALA in all their rainbow glory for winning the ‘Best Booth’ contest at the SUJAC-Club Day event. Consensus was that the booth was interactive and colorful, and everyone loved the rainbow cupcakes especially. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram (Insta. JAC) and Snapchat (sujacsnap).

Come by the SUJAC Office, P-101, if ever you need help on a situation involving your student rights, an opinion on a new idea, or even just to chat.

-Your SUJAC executives

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