SUJAC Update

Hello fellow Abbotters!

October is moving along quite smoothly. With the turn of the Fall season, the College has seen a retake on ‘Suit Up Day’ and a newly-introduced Leadership Retreat. We extend our warmest appreciation for those who participated in those activities, and invite the student body to come on down for more of what’s to come. SUJAC will be hosting a Halloween themed ‘Open House’ from Tuesday to Thursday, October 25-27. Drop in to meet your Student Union Executives, and find out more about their roles. Also, SUJAC’s joint venture with the Academic Success Centre: A Foreign Language Tutoring Program: is currently seeking recruitment from students who have succeeded in Italian, Spanish, German, or Mandarin.

With October marking a momentous occasion to wear pink, we do encourage students to support Breast Cancer Awareness by sporting the color throughout the month. Moreover, we encourage students to attend the screening of the film So That You Can Stand on Wednesday, November 9, 2016, from 7:30-9:30 in the Casgrain Theatre. Reserve to attend at: Notable guest speakers will include Executive Producer Bernard Lajoie, Director Ole Gjerstad, Executive Producer & CBCNorth Radio Announcer William Tagoona, JBNQA signatories Senator Charlie Watt and Zebedee Nungak, and Director of Student Services for the Kativik School Board: Jason Annahatak.

Lastly, we would like to formally introduce all new Congress members of John Abbott’s 2016-2017 Student Union! Welcome Diego Aramburo Garcia, Gabrielle Beaulieu, Arina Caraterzi, Sofia Cardillo, Tamla Dainty, Alexandra Di Fabrizio, Christina Fulginiti, Omar Galal, Amirhesam Garzan, Thomas Gauvin (Chairperson), Ferhat Gherbi, Nicholas Gosset, Isabelle Huang, Rami Habib, Elias Huckel-Fidalgo, Manpreet Kaur, Mahin Khan, Harrison Kirshner (Secretary), Dalton Liggett, Yu Ci Ma, Angad Malhotra, Kennedy McKee-Braide, Nicholas Molina Calvo, Diego Rivera, Megan Robertson, Senso Senso, Veronica Sinclair, Vivek Thaker, Sandrine Trahan, Bao Tran Tran, Jaad Van Der Wee, Zoha Vaseghi, and Shaina Willison.

Your SUJAC Executives

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