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Hello Abbotters!

JAC’s Fall Open House 2016 attracted tons of visitors last rainy Saturday, October 22. A wave of prospective students entered our halls, flitting from table to table. On our end, we were manning our own booth in the Casgrain hall and received many enthusiastic Council-type students.

Then, from Tuesday to Thursday, October 25-27th, SUJAC’s Halloween-themed Open House offered coffee, cookies, and chats! SUJAC Open Houses, which take place Fall and Winter, are an opportunity to meet your student reps and find out more about how SUJAC protects student rights.

In other news, a Leadership Retreat took place on from Friday to Saturday, October 14-15. We gathered many students and the weekend spent on the ground of Cap Saint Jacques and downtown was, without a doubt, a huge success. Our Club members and leaders, Congress members and SUJAC Executives mingled and worked together to develop and hone their leadership skills with various workshops and a scavenger hunt deep within the streets of downtown Montreal. The Leadership Retreat was such a huge success that there is a demand for another one next semester!

Something to look forward to is the arrival of two Ping Pong tables, which will hopefully keep up with the games our students will be playing on them as well as to prepare for an upcoming Intercollegial Ping Pong Tournament in the making.

As for me, I’m Angela Du, SUJAC’s VP Finance. I’m a second year student here at JAC studying in Commerce; the program befitting my role in the Student Union. If you want to build up a project but need some help from the school, stop by SUJAC’s office for a chat with me or any other of the Execs!

Your SUJAC Executives

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