Hey JAC!

In starting this new month, we say goodbye to spooky Halloween, and start fresh with our diets and skin care!

October came with many up sides, especially with the success of JAC’s Open House. We hope to welcome many new faces in the coming year!

We also celebrate the success of SUJAC’s ‘Two For a Toonie’, hosted by our very own Oval Coffee House. We give thanks to all the Oval Staff and to everyone who dropped in to enjoy Bagels & Cream Cheese plus a hot drink, sponsored by SUJAC. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this event!

On another note, congratulations are in order for our new student representatives on John Abbott’s Board of Governors—SUJAC’s VP Academic Elizabeth Yasa representing Pre-University, as well as being the student rep on the Executive Board this year–and Congress member Sean Smith, representing Technology.

As we dive head first into the leaf pile of November, we greatly anticipate the upcoming Remembrance Day Memorial Service, to be held on Thursday, November 8th, starting at 10:15 am! Just listen for the bagpiper and follow the crowd to the ceremony. You will be moved, touched and inspired by the Veterans who come out, and by the magic of the occasion. Go to Student Activities (H-159) if you need any more info, and don’t forget to dress warmly for the event.

Until next time,
Your SUJAC Executive Team
President Andrew Stein
VP Internal Lathan Walker
VP Academic Elizabeth Yasa
VP Finance Mona Masri
VP External Sonia Agougou
VP Communications Emanuelle

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 48 Issue 05 on November 7th, 2018