SUJAC Update

How’s it going, Abbott? Hope everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of snow (hopefully it is ending soon). Did you notice all the wonderful people dressed in pink on February 25th? A big shout out to those who participated in the International Day Against Bullying and supported the cause by wearing something pink. Also, a huge congratulations to our winner of the @insta_jac photo contest, Rachel Sutherland. As a reward for the best picture of the month, she received a brand new pair of “Beats”! Remember that anyone is eligible to enter this contest, so if you think you have a good photograph, submit to @ insta_jac. Here are some notifications for upcoming events. Keep an eye out for a survey on austerity coming up on the Omnivox Portal! Also, Multicultural Week is coming up from Monday to Thursday, March 30th to April 2nd in the Agora. Finally, we would just like to wish everyone good luck on their upcoming assignments and exams. The end of the semester is approaching fast, so keep your head up! Remember to follow our instagram page: @insta_jac!

Bye for now, Your SUJAC Executives

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