Hello Abbotters!

On the behalf of the Student Union of John Abbott College (SUJAC), we would like to give a warm welcome to new students entering the Winter 2019 semester, and a welcome back to returning students! We hope you all had a great break!

One of SUJAC’s main goals this year is to tackle the issue of affordability within the College, so we are proud to have given students a reduction at the Oval Coffee House. Any medium-sized hot beverage was sold for only a dollar during Week 1 of school. Next, for Week 2, there will be a reduction of $1 off a smoothie of your choice. Due to the first promotion of the semester being a huge success, we fully intend to continue to give students events like these, with different ‘SUJAC Specials’ on foods offered at both the Oval and the Cafeteria.

On another note, how would you like to have a professional photographer do a photo shoot of you for your portfolio, for LinkedIn, or other purposes? Come to the Agora on Wednesday, February 6th, from 11 am to 3 pm, for your personal photo shoot! Dressing up is your choice!

Also, be sure to come by the Agora again on Thursday, February 14th, from 10 am until 2:30 pm, for our famous SUJAC Club Day, where you will get a feel for the various clubs offered at Abbott. Drop by to have some fun and meet your student reps. CSKY will play live and there will be all kinds of things going on at the variety of club booths. We look forward to seeing you there!

SUJAC is here for you and offers you the best semester possible! Never hesitate to contact us through MIO or come pass by our office in Penfield 101!

The SUJAC Team:

President Andrew Stein
VP Internal Lathan Walker
VP Academic Elizabeth Yasa
VP Finance Mona Masri
VP External Sonia Agougou
VP Communications Emanuelle Peer-Wininger

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol.49 Issue 07 on December 4th, 2019