SUJAC would like to give a warm welcome back from the winter break to all students. Even though there were no classes for a few weeks, a lot has happened at school.

In order to commemorate the 50 Year Anniversary celebrations of John Abbott College, SUJAC hosted a competition to create a new logo for the Student Union for this event. There were a healthy 36 entries during the submission period. You will all be able to see the winning logo in the next few weeks during a special event.

SUJAC is always striving to improve student life. For students who don’t fully understand how the R-score works, we’ve created a special section on the SUJAC website explaining how the R-score is calculated along with a rundown on how it works.

In other news, SUJAC-Club Day is coming up on Wednesday, February 12, from 10 am to 2:30 pm in The Agora. We welcome all students and Club members to come by and enjoy the Valentine’s atmosphere and fun activities.

There was also a major change to the Club rooms layout. Some Clubs have been moved around the Herzberg Basement. If you have any questions on where to find a Club, drop in to Student Activities (H-159) to find out the room number.

For those interested in making a positive impact on the school in the future, there will be a Strategic Planning Town Hall on Friday, January 31, from 1:30-4:30 pm in the Stewart Cafeteria. If you have any questions or want your opinions and ideas expressed, please MIO SUJAC’s President Nathaniel Saad. Student input is needed.

This is all from us for now. Have a wonderful Winter semester.

Your SUJAC Executive Team 2019-2020:

President Nathaniel Saad
Vice-President Internal Eric Enescu
Vice-President Academic Rayan Tibiche-Dahmoune
Vice-President Finance Gabriel Imbeau
Vice-President External Davy Iconzi Irakose
Vice-President Communications Christina-Maria Maalouf

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol.49 Issue 08 on January 29th, 2020