ARIES: March 21/April 19 This week, you might feel empowered to take action on a goal or plan that’s important to you. This wouldn’t be much of a problem if your priorities weren’t so screwed up. I mean, is it really crucial for you to sort your collection of milk cartons? Like who even has a milk carton collection anyways?


Eyes sunken like a heroin addict with cement shoes

You’ll be in the river without a push when you hear the good news

Magic X Love

The chain has snapped, and the boy falls with the girl in his arms. As he falls, the fragments of the broken chain fling around, and out of nowhere a blue-colored chain appears. The blue chain connects with the broken chain and it contracts.

Fly, Fly, Bumblebee

We’ve all at least once in our lives thought about the impossibility of bumblebees flying, what with their big posterior. However, the truth is finally out.

Sickly Stupid

Have you ever written 2+4=8 on a calculus test? Don’t feel bad. Everyone has done it. In fact, I did that just last week. However, instead of blaming ourselves, we may have a new culprit to blame: the stupidity virus.

Blue Is the Rarest Color

Color didn’t really matter until some 600 million years ago. The bright hues now used by plants and animals to attract pollinators and prey or to ward off predators were of no concern, because, well… no one had eyes.

Wish Waters Were Here

For the first time since 1994, Pink Floyd has released a new album, The Endless River. The album serves as a goodbye to deceased band member Richard Wright, who died six years ago.

Over the Garden Wall

Over the Garden Wall is a miniseries created by Cartoon Network’s Patrick McHale. The show centers around two brothers, Wirt and Greg, as they find themselves lost in the unknown.

Top Five Christmas Movies

With the holidays fast approaching, Christmas spirit is starting to drift down upon us in the form of white flakes falling from the sky. Seriously, is it snowing already? Waiting in line for the bus in the cold weather and studying for the much-dreaded final exams next month is leaving students stressed out and exhausted.

What Is Terrorism?: Defending Islam

What do you think of when you hear the word “terrorism”? If you thought of the Middle East, of men wearing turbans, and of women wearing burqas, you might need to rethink your worldviews. Since I am not Muslim myself, I thought it would be best to talk to someone who is.