Tenet of Life

Alexia Quraeshi
Staff Writer

Be respectful.
Know that your actions have an impact on the world around you.
Like the dew on a blade of grass drifting among billions.
However, it takes one action, one word, to have an effect.
For better or for worse, you are stuck on this planet.
You are stuck with all of us.

We strive in living with each other’s differences.
The struggle with coexisting is called weakness.
The struggle of living with people who never hurt you,
never took away your freedom, and never forced you to violate your values.

The so-called enemies are looking at us in disbelief.

Not all of us are like this.
The majority with good hearts are the quiet ones.
The strongest hearts are among us, and in these times of uncertainty,
we need to stick together.

For all the preaching that is going on for those who stand in fear,
we need to keep the values that are dear,
for they are what define us.

They are what define us, and how we act on our sacred values is what makes us who we are.

Actions of peace, actions of good will and willing to admire others for who they are is what makes us strong.

Let us not forget.

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