The Cost of Living

Angabriel Trevino
News Editor

Sell my soul for another
penny roll.

Pay me minimum wage
to work me raw in a cage.

While the rich eat organic,
we eat cheap diabetes
wrapped in rainbows and plastic.
Because happiness won’t fit in my budget.

The woman sacrifices motherhood
to be able to feed her child.
This is not a third world country,
but these are third world lives.

The man sacrifices…
Yeah right!
Man gains on the backs of other’s pains
and the black blood on other’s chains

The child builds his A B C towers alone
while mommy and daddy break their backbone
to afford a professional “caregiver”
Who will watch their one human cub litter

How tall can you stack those little blocks
before your tower falls?
How high can your grades get
before your head explodes?

How high can the cost of living get
before we buy bullets instead?

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