The Hunger Games Crossword

Élissya Lécuyer
Procrastinator Editor

7. President Snow always leaves Katniss a _____ ____.
8. The last death in the 74th Hunger Games.
10. The nation in which all the districts are located.
11. The escort for District Twelve’s tributes known for her eccentric style.
12. The name of Primrose’s cat.
13. The stylist that turned Katniss into the ‘Girl on Fire’.
14. Peeta and Katniss’ district.

1. When Rue died, Katniss surrounded her body with ____.
2. Katniss and Peeta’s mentor.
3. The district of which Coin is president.
4. Peeta’s main skill.
5. The song Katniss sings is called ‘___ _______ ____’.
6. Throughout the trilogy, Katniss is torn between Peeta and ____.
9. Katniss is the __________.

hunger games crossword

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