The Internet Concert Review

Source: Andrew Wood

“I just wanna ride with you”

Taylor-Jade Layne
Office Manager

Finally ending the three year hiatus that followed the release of Ego Death, The Internet has made a triumphant comeback with the release of Hive Mind, along with their tour supporting the new album. On December 8th, 2018 at the M-Telus, a dense crowd of fans eagerly awaited the performance of a lifetime.
As the opening act Moonchild, an alternative R&B trio, took center stage, they were greeted with curious cheers from the audience. Amber Navran and her band quickly turned that curiosity into genuine intrigue and excitement with their first song “The List”. Navran’s soft soulful voice along with the bands synergy made for a calming and groovy performance. Furthermore, the musicians’ fluidity when handling multiple instruments inspired much awe and amazement from the crowd, as Navran shifted from vocals, to serenading the crowd with her flute and even taking out a saxophone to play a couple jazzy solos. Their cool setlist not only satisfied faithful fans but encouraged many others to start listening.
As the cheers died out, and the crowd patiently waited for the arrival of The Internet, the anticipation became palpable, almost suffocating. As Syd tha Kyd nonchalantly sauntered to the mic, the audience erupted into a frenzy of cheers and cries. A handful of ‘I love you’s could be heard as the rest of the band trickled onto the stage. Despite the cold weather outside, the crowds reception seemed to warm the band right up. They kicked things off with “Come Together” a single from Hive Mind; the whole room exploded. The energy in the room was nothing short of electric. This was a strong start to a night that would only get better. The bands performance of “LaDiDa” was one of the highlight of the night. The playfulness of Syd’s vocals was sensual, while Steve and Patrick’s interplay between their guitar licks and bass lines was infectious. Furthermore, Christopher’s groovy drum beats were simply phenomenal, and Matt’s keyboard playing was insane. This all blended together to create an exceptional performance that the audience couldn’t get enough of. As Steve took the main stage, giving Syd a moment to relax with his song “The Beat Goes On”, the room was in utter pandemonium, as he and Matt serenaded the crowd with their smooth vocals. The beat was infectious and without a doubt had most of the crowd swooning. “Roll (Burbank Funk)” generated a bombastic excited energy in the room, while “It Gets Better (With Time)”, a song written about Syd’s struggle with depression, left no dry eyes, as Syd did assure the crowd that life does in fact gets better, it just takes some time.
While the performance was grand and marvelous, the set and chemistry that The Internet have with one another and the audience made the show feel grounded and intimate, like something akin to playing music with good friends. The large couch and tiny coffee table adorned with a bright blue radio and other little trinkets, the soft purple and orange lighting, coupled with Steve’s multiple guitar swaps, Syd’s little chats with the audience and the band’s cheery demeanor, made for an experience that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.


Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 48 Issue 07 on January 30th, 2018