The Oncoming Storm

Alexia Quraeshi
Staff Writer

The storm that follows us everywhere is the darkness of our own minds.

We have the power for great things, regardless of morality, that is the reality.

The storm is the swirling thoughts that spin around our heads, keep us awake in our beds and keep us paralyzed in the lies we make up for ourselves.

Our everlasting cell, the one that compels us to assume the worst,

To feel the crumbling sensation of our own weakness.

To feel the box we made, get smaller and smaller.

The mind is a powerful thing, to a terrifying degree.

We create our own problems.

Of course life can be generous enough to give us more of these troubles we never asked for.

Trouble is not minimized by area code; it is a universal measurement of suffering.

Though the mind can amplify the darkness by putting a filter on it.

One that cannot be remedied be a thought or a mantra.

We can free ourselves from it, although the way to do it is unique to everyone.

There is no handbook on how to move forward and no safety nets.

The storm is one that rains down upon us everyday.

Until we either get lucky, or find a way to get above the clouds.

Where the blue sky sits frozen in time.

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