The Season Filled with Unpleasant

by Jacklyn Otha

After a crazy weekend filled with masks, costumes, weird looking people, parties and most importantly alcohol, everyone knows that after Halloween comes elves, Santa Claus, presents and Christmas jingles. Quick question: has anyone ever noticed that it doesn’t even take 24 hours for stores to transition from haunted house scary to joyful holidays? Like damn! Give us some time to recuperate! I love Christmas, everyone is singing, people are happy, and it’s festive. However, it was so much better as a kid. I didn’t have to waste money buying other people gifts, I got all the cool presents because everyone found me cute, exams before the break weren’t that hard and the school activities were the shit! Now, before Christmas, I’m racking my brain with all these damn tests, and after Christmas, I’m so broke that Jesus frowns upon my bank account. All this is not even bad compared to the biggest struggle of all: THE WEATHER. When someone tells me they like winter because they get to do snow activities, I question whether or not they are human. Under no circumstances is snow, cold and bad weather pleasant. I don’t want to be freezing my ass off for nothing. I don’t care how much fun you think snowboarding is, that shit just ain’t a flex! Alright, enough of my ranting, I’m sure you guys have better things to do. Have a great day and enjoy the holidays!

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