The Small Moments of Sport

Image Source: Pixabay

Gursagar Singh
Opinions Editor

Those small moments, when time quickly leaves your grasp but leaves you something to hold on to. The moments we are told to live for, one at a time. The desperation that those moments make us overcome, the ones that let us pause, look around, and quietly let us think to ourselves that, life is good. The little lies we can get away with when all feels out of touch. The connection that is built when we sit on the bus and pull out our phones, sit on our couches with a box of soul food and turn on the TV. The screen we look at when we tune out the friend that has been relaying their opinions on vegan mayo. We tune in and focus, get a little excited, nervous, anxious, when the score is the closest. We all feel some type of way when the game is on.

This year especially (for some reason) we have been deprived of that little joy, as many seasons have been postponed and cancelled. We have been stuck inside binging and living in the 90s, holding on to moments that have passed long before we came, as we live in the deception of foreign memories, or a “better” life. We have for the most part tuned out, not left with much to remember in the passing months.

However, a spark of hope is still among us. With the NBA returning in a secure, sustainable and safe manner, we have been able to feel some suspense on the road for the ring. I encourage you, with how competitive this season has been, even if your team has been eliminated, to take part. This season is a special one, one that will be long remembered. I beg you to be a part of the narrative that is in the process of being written, as I guarantee that this will be the chance to witness to one of those great moments.

Originally Published on Vol.50 Issue 02 on September 22nd, 2020

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