The Start Of Humanity’s Downfall

Water is essential to our existence, since that is what 60% of our body is made of. Meaning, if ever water resources were to be exhausted, we would cease to exist and that is what is happening in one of the cities of South Africa, Cape Town, and they are calling it “Zero Day”. Climate change is one of the big causes for this problem. Researchers estimate that on April 16th, 2018, water will be completely gone from the city.

Though, the government ended up having a solution on this situation, many citizens were not satisfied by the measures. Before the reserves will be empty, the officials will close the taps and each citizen will get 50 liters of water everyday. Also, if anyone exceeds the limit, they will be fined and will possibly face jail time. The citizens are hoping to survive under these conditions until the end of winter where enough rain has accumulated to turn the water system back on.

Even if the city is facing dark times, they are still accepting tourists. Hotels have asked tourists to shower for 2 minutes or less, not to flush unless someone defecated, bedding will not be replaced, and towels will be dried and put back in the room without being washed.

Tourism in Cape Town accounted for 9% of their economy last year ( R412 billion) with around 10 million tourists. The city is afraid that this situation will keep tourists away. Enver Duminy, chief executive officer at Cape Town Tourism, mentions there had already been cancellations of vacations.

Krista Manantan

Originally published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 08 on February 7, 2018