The Sunday Sprint

The NFL Weekend Roundup

Casey Dobson
Staff Writer

Jets 34- Broncos 16
The Jets fly high at home thanks to a 323-yard run day.

Lions 31- Packers 23
The Lions roar in the face of Rodgers, who had a day on the stats sheet, to take the W in their home den.

Panthers 33- Giants 31
Even with an OBJ trick-play miracle, the Giants were forced to watch their playoff hopes shrink as a last minute kick sailed to seal a Panthers win.

Bills 13- Titans 12
Tennessee will be hoping to unsee their week 5 performance as soon as possible as they sloppily slid to a loss in Buffalo.

Vikings 23- Eagles 21
Another weak Eagle’s performance allows the Vikings to right their ship and hold on to hope of conquering the 2018 season.

Browns 12- Ravens 9
No…you did not read that wrong. The Browns won. On a Sunday. But three OTs in five weeks will do no favours for the Dog Pound’s heart health.

Chiefs 30- Jaguars 14
Anyone else bored of this Mahomes kid yet? I mean at least he finally threw a pick this week. Chiefs win. Again. Plot twist? No.

Chargers 26- Raiders 10
The Raiders may have left their fight at home but the fans sure did not, invading the Chargers home stadium and brawling with the San Diego faithful.

Bengals 27- Dolphins 17
The Bengals claw back and squish the fish in a back and forth affair.

Rams 33- Seahawks 31
In their biggest fight of the season the Rams ground the Seahawks in their home nest.

Steelers 41- Falcons 17
Did you hear that? That was Steel City breathing for the first time this season as they finally got to watch the Black and Gold of old.

Cardinals 28- 49ers 18
Best for last is what Arizona wants you to believe as they become the last team to secure a win this season.

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 48 Issue 03 on October 10, 2018