The Sunday Sprint

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Casey Dobson

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Handing over the playbook on Week 11 of the NFL

Colts 38 – Titans 10
It’s no longer just luck for the Colts. A complete team showed up to secure a fourth straight win.
Giants 38 – Buccaneers 35
Nobody blink but the Giants are actually on a winning streak! It’s only a two game streak, but the struggling franchise will take it.
Steelers 20 – Jaguars 16
Ramsey can officially throw all of his pre-season trash talk into the same trash can the Jags seem to send onto the field week after week.
Lions 20 – Panthers 19
The Lions hold on to roar just a little bit louder in the essentially meaningless battle of the big cats.
Cowboys 22 – Falcons 19
The Cowboys started the season seeming to have no idea what end of the horse was up but America’s team have finally found their stride, picking up a second straight win.
Ravens 24 – Bengals 21
Leave it to the bumbling Bengals to lose to a QB who has taken more snaps at WR then quarterback this season
Texans 23 – Redskins 21
Redskins’ fans may have thought the third quarter was painful to watch until it became unplayably painful for Alex Smith, who suffered a season ending leg break at the end of the third frame.
Raiders 23 – Cardinals 21
Someone really needs to invent a new term for “buyer’s remorse” to describe the feeling that fills all Raiders fans when they realize it took their 10 million dollar coach 11 weeks to get 2 wins.
Broncos 23 – Chargers 22
Denver saddled up all the way down to the last second to take the sting out of the high voltage Chargers.
Saints 48 – Eagles 7
It’s all too easy for the boys in the Big Easy as they calmly hand the disgraced Eagles the worst loss ever for reigning Super Bowl champions.


Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 48 Issue 06 on November 21th, 2018