Running through the Sunday that started this NFL season

Bengals 34-Colts 23
The Bengals roared to ruin Luck’s return picking off his first pass in 585 days.
Ravens 47-Bills 3
The Bills left the seventh pick on the bench to start Peterman, the first mistake of many in the obliteration.
Buccaneers 48- Saints 40
With more points than any Week 1 game ever, the Bucs prevailed proving that Fitzmagic is alive.
Patriots 27- Texans 20
The Pats did their job with a mid-season form Gronk who opened the game with a monster grab and a patented Gronk-spike.
Vikings 25- 49ers 16
The purple people eaters vanquished Jimmy G’s perfect record as a starter.
Dolphins 27- Titans 20
All fins were up in Miami as the Dolphins swam to a 1-0 start.
Jaguars 20- Giants 15
Ramsey and Sacksonville pounced to take the W from Manning’s G-Men.
Steelers 21- Browns 21
The Steel Curtain crushed the Browns’ chances of another perfect 0-16 season as both teams missed potentially winning field goals in OT.
Chiefs 38- Chargers 28
Mahomes’ Chiefs were the most electric in Cali as the new starter fired off 4 touchdowns.
Panthers 18- Cowboys 8
America’s team fell to a depleted Panthers squad lead by Super Cam and his legs.
Redskins 24- Cardinals 6
The team with the most controversial name grounded the Cardinals in their home nest.
Broncos 27- Seahawks 24
A Super Bowl 48 matchup in only the logos. Both teams have lots of new faces but it was the Broncos who left feeling Mile High.
Packers 24- Bears 23
One of the NFL’s biggest rivalries gave us a game for the ages. The Pack survived a Rodgers scare and came from 20 points down to take the cheese.




Casey Dobson

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 48 Issue 1 on September 12, 2018


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