The Temptress

Taylor-Jade Layne
Production Manager

As I approached the steps to my humble abode in a daze; I nearly stumbled over a small mass of brown fur. It appeared to be a cat! It seemed like he was taking a rest from a perilous journey. The feline sported a coat of alternating chocolate and mocha stripes, a long polished tail, sharp attentive ears, and adorable sock-like paws. Enamored by the marvelous critter, I extended my hand in an attempt to caress its silky pelt.

However, the feline eluded my grasp; he slipped through my fingers completely untouched and proceeded to saunter away from me without a passing glance. I was baffled, no bewildered! How could he just ignore me like that? I could tell the cat’s action was not carried out with malicious intent; I was simply not worth his time, nothing more than a frivolous stepping stone to be passed during his adventure. From that moment on it felt like our fates were intertwined as I declared I would gain this feline’s affection. Thus a lengthy game of cat and mouse began, but I couldn’t tell who was the cat or who was the mouse.

I have passively observed the cat for several months as he seemed to have finally warmed up to me. I was no longer a mere apparition; I was a friend! From that point forward our relationship followed a simple pattern of symbiosis. I would get him some milk and we would then sit together as he drank. I begrudgingly acknowledge that the cat may just be using me for food, but I’d rather consider our arrangement to be a mutual partnership.

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol.49 Issue 08 on January 29th, 2020