The Title Race Continues

Thomas Allitt

Manchester City and Liverpool have been in a constant title race since mid-October. Manchester City is looking to have an edge on the Reds, and overall, they look stronger and more capable of securing the Premiere League trophy for a consecutive time.
Both teams played on Sunday, putting pressure on both clubs to get three points and continue their title race. Manchester City played earlier during the day, securing a comfortable 3-1 victory against Crystal Palace thanks to a key performance by Raheem Sterling, who scored two goals. This put him in a three-way tie for 3rd place for top goal scorer, with 17 goals so far this season. This also placed Manchester City at the top of the table with 83 points, while they eagerly waited to see the results of the Liverpool game.
The Reds faced a more imposing opposition with Chelsea. The first half of the game ended 0-0, satisfying the Citizens and frustrating the Liverpool supporters. Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool manager, must have given an impressive and motivational speech as the Reds managed to score two consecutive goals a few minutes after the half time whistle. Mohammad Salah scored an amazing long-ranged strike, finally putting an end to the constant criticism.
Liverpool ended the day with a successful 2-0 win against Chelsea, placing them at the top of the Premiere League Table with 85 points. Mauri Sarri, the Chelsea manager, is being put under serious threat of being sacked after poor performances against the top 6.

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