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When Eating Healthy At John Abbott Is Harder Than You Think

Maxim Vitale
Assitant Editor-In-Chief

I am not aspiring to be a vegan, or a vegetarian for that matter. Even becoming a pescatarian is out of my reach. I’m a full-blown carnivore considering the fact that my diet consists of meat, dairy, and grain. On campus, however, every attempt I’ve made so far to eat healthier has ended in disaster.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is neither to endorse or to attack the food at the cafeteria.

During my first semester, I probably ruined my stomach far more than I probably should have. Every time I lined up at the Tim Hortons to order a crispy chicken, I ended up being told they were out of stock. Just my luck.

I turned my attention to the cafeteria. I fell in love with the hamburgers; you can’t go wrong with bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce and a thin slice of lettuce. That is, until you’ve had one for a few months straight and your stomach refuses to have anything greasy ever again.

Of course, that doesn’t last long: I switched to the chicken burgers. Once again, a similar recipe was used: bacon, cheese, lettuce, BBQ sauce. For a short while, this meal satisfied my taste buds, until it became more of the same.

Next up on the list: pizza! Cheese pizza, you can’t go wrong! Except, you can go wrong. Don’t overdose on cheese pizza: it’s a mistake. Two slices a day is way more than any reasonable person should be able to withstand; two slices a week is much more reasonable.

I’ve since turned my attention to the sandwiches. An amazing variety of meats and toppings are available; once again, I took meat, meat, meat, and, to your surprise, more meat! Thin pieces of lettuce, olives, BBQ or teriyaki sauce were put on the sandwich to complement the not-so-insane quantity of meat. The problem was that it didn’t take me long to get bored of it. Great variety is wonderful and all, I was just hoping for something heavier.

The first day I tried to eat healthier, I ordered sushi. To say the least, after being accustomed to gourmet sushi at fine dining, “all-you-can-eat-for-twenty-dollars” restaurants, I was a little disappointed.

At one point, I purchased a “pain au chocolat,” or chocolatine depending who you ask, and a nice, small tub of coleslaw. I love coleslaw, I thought! I walked out with the aims of being slightly healthier than I usually am, until I saw a friend in the hallway with a box of doughnuts. I was offered a chocolate glazed doughnut, and we both headed on our merry ways.

I ate the doughnut. I ate the chocolatine. I looked at the coleslaw, took a single, minuscule bite, and threw the rest out. I had offered some to my friends, in the process of downing a poutine, and they all had the same response: “I’m fine, I think I may be full.” Although, we knew we weren’t full, just that nobody wanted to eat it.

I’ve tried multiple times to eat healthier, but I’ve since turned my attention to the sandwiches/stir fry. Right next to the burritos (which I have yet to try), there is a counter full of hot foods. My personal favorite has got to be the smoked meat which I strongly recommend on days where it’s available. However, in the grand scheme of things, I still haven’t found a proper alternative to yogurt and fruit.

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