The Writing Centre


Maya Pozzebon

Deadlines are closing in, and the tutors at the Writing Centre in the basement of the library know exactly how to lessen the stress of essay writing! Located in L-023 is a free service offered to all JAC students who require any sort of help with writing in English. Do you have a lab report? We’ll check the structure and grammar! Need help revising a Universe of the Arts research assignment? The Writing Centre offers aid to all; our tutors have been specially trained in the structures of academic essays and will provide the tools necessary for long-term improvement. Ever heard of a fragment sentence? Tutors will help you spot and correct everything from the thesis down to punctuation and formatting, so don’t hesitate to drop in! Tutoring hours run from Monday to Thursday from 8:30-4:30 and Friday from 8:30-2:30, with tutors available at every hour! If you wish to guarantee an appointment, book a session with a tutor via the Writing Centre website which you can find on the JAC website or posted as a QR code in front of our very location (L-023). See you soon, and the writing tutors wish you the greatest luck with finals! 

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