There Will be a Smoking Ban on Campus Premises and Here’s Why It’s Not Just

The 9 meters rule makes sense to me. To protect the cleanliness of an institution, to not want cigarette butts spread on the ground near the entrance of a building. This makes sense to me. However, to not be allowed to smoke on campus is extreme. Especially for the John Abbott Campus. While this might not be a huge problem on campuses downtown like Dawson, it is a huge problem at Abbott as the premises of the campus extend down to the bus stops. It is ridiculous to expect students, all over the age of 17 and legal smokers as well, to go down all the way to the lake for a smoke break. Especially in the winter conditions in Montreal. It’s simply unreasonable because, let’s get one thing straight, smoking is an addiction. This will disrupt the lives students greatly as smoking is a need, not a want, and many smokers need to smoke in between classes especially on their long days for stress relief and to be able to focus. To add to this, the fine for smoking on campus is 300 dollars which is an incredible amount considering people will definitely break this rule as they physically need to smoke. Smoking is a personal choice, and while smokers need to respect the cleanliness of buildings, the government cannot expect people to leave the premises of the campus to smoke. This is unreasonable as it is, and it becomes ludicrous to expect this from people when the winter conditions of Montreal are taken into consideration. The government has no right to tell people whether they can smoke or not, because that is where this is headed. It started with the 9 metres rule, to banning smoking on campus premises, so I will not be surprised if smoking is banned in whole areas like the pointe Claire village or St Anne de Bellevue soon. This is simply unacceptable.

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Defne Veral
Campus Life Editor

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 6 on November 22, 2017