Things you Think During Midterms

Élissya Lécuyer
Procrastinator Editor

1) I can do this.
2) Midterms don’t seem so bad.
3) I have plenty of time to do my essay.
4) OMG, it’s 1000 words WITHOUT citations?!
5) I wanna be with bae right now. #Mybed #thestruggleisreal #midtermproblems
6) Time for my coffee of the hour!
7) That was for today?!
8) I want to drop out of school. For real this time.
9) Just one more episode…
10) I am so gonna fail that exam.
11) So done. So, so done. #ByeFelicia
12) Sleep? What’s that? #teamnosleep #sleepisfortheweak
13) Ugh.
14) OMG, is this teacher kidding?
15) FYI, we have other classes to study for.
16) I wonder if I can just not study and still pass…
17) I’m going to sit in that corner… And cry.
18) I miss grade 1.
19) Naps.
20) Netflix, can you not?
21) I don’t know.
22) I can study everything in one night… Right?
23) What day are we?
24) FREEDOM!!! For like a week lol.
25) I survived?! Damn, I deserve a night out. #treatyoself


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