Too Much Free Time?

Join a Club!

By Tyler James Boulay (Arts and Culture Editor)

Whether you’re a first semester student or a returning student, clubs are one of the greatest resources that our school can provide. In clubs, you can find new friends, join a cause, and enhance your CV.

Source: K.B. Smith
Source: K.B. Smith

The Bandersnatch Newspaper, the student-run CSKY radio, and the Student Union (SUJAC) are considered associations, but they are no less fun than the other clubs. Spirituality clubs are a great sanctuary: the Muslim Student Association (MSA), Hillel (Judaism), the Christian Fellowship, and the Pagan club. The Gay and Lesbian Association (GALA) and JACtivists are big on social activism and making a lot of cupcakes. There are also hobby-related clubs, such as Chess, the Debate Club, Anime, Gamers, and Drama.

A full list of clubs can be found in Student Activities. Should you wish to make your own club, you can do so at the same location. There are many more clubs to choose from, and you are highly encouraged to seek out the ones that will make your time at John Abbott College memorable!

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