Top 5 Franco Music


Or When English Gets Too Mainstream

Marjolaine Pilon
Campus Life Editor

I firmly believe it is important to learn both French and English in our bilingual country. Not only because both languages are accepted accross Canada, but also because it is an advantage when it comes to getting a job or travelling the world. Obviously, as is every language that is not your own, I know that sometimes French can be hard to learn and to master. And has a lot of rules. And sucks in general. But please! Trust me: Learning a new language can also be really interesting and stimulating: do you know what Francophones usually do when they want to get used to English? They watch movies. In English. With subtitles at the beginning. Don’t you think it can sometimes be really challenging and frustrating to not understand anything of what the cute actors in front of you are saying? Exactly. So instead of forcing you to watch Québecois movies, here is my top 5 franco music at the moment. Sit down, relax, and get out of your comfort zone. Why not?

  1. Rien ne sert de courir – Karim Ouellet, Fox
  2. Faut pas se fier aux apparences – Yann Perrault, Le fantastique des astres
  3. Belle montréalaise – Sam Harvey, Belle Montréalaise
  4. Petite Marie – Francis Cabrel, Les murs de poussières
  5. Les couteaux à beurre – Les Soeurs Boulay, 4488 de l’amour

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