Top Five Christmas Movies

Rachelle Eldar (Entertainment Editor)

With the holidays fast approaching, Christmas spirit is starting to drift down upon us in the form of white flakes falling from the sky. Seriously, is it snowing already? Waiting in line for the bus in the cold weather and studying for the much-dreaded final exams next month is leaving students stressed out and exhausted.

When it’s all over and we’ve all come out victorious on the other side, what better way to wind down than a marathon of great Christmas classics? Some of these movies may be ones you’ve grown up with fondly, and others may be new additions to your collection this year.

Despite their sometimes extremely cheesy nature, watching these during the holiday season brings a flutter
of nostalgia to us all. Get your blankets and hot chocolate and enjoy this list of five heartwarming movies sure to knock the “Bah, Humbug!” right out of you.

5 – The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Is it a Christmas or Halloween movie? The answer is both! It’s thematically appropriate from October to January. Tim Burton’s work isn’t for everyone, but many children have been delighted over the years by its combined spooky and festive nature. That’s the one drawback to this movie – it really is for kids. If you’re seeing it for the first time when already grown, chances are you may not enjoy it very much. Tim Burton fans in this situation may try Corpse Bride instead; while animated, it’s still enjoyable even if you’re not a small child.

4 – Joyeux Noel (2005)

This is the story of the famous 1914 ceasefire during World War 1. A truce was called on Christmas during which the soldiers from opposing trenches sang Christmas carols, buried their dead, played football and formed unlikely friendships. It’s actually incredible that during one of the most violent, bloody battles the world has ever seen, there was this surprising display of warmth and humanity. If you’re losing faith in everyone after watching the news for a few minutes, give this one a watch.

3 – A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

What a classic. So many Christmas TV specials have come along since, yet the vast majority pale in comparison. Charlie is repelled by the commercialism all around him and tries to find the “true meaning of Christmas”. Who could forget his pathetic little tree and the happy feeling you got as a kid the first time you heard the song “Christmas Time Is Here”?

2 – The Holiday (2006)

I saw this one so many times when it came out. Two women switch houses during Christmas after bad breakups with their boyfriends, and (because it’s a Christmas movie) find romance during their two weeks away from home. Also, can we talk about how amazing it is that while Jack Black makes a reference to The Graduate in the movie store, Dustin Hoffman is actually in the scene laughing
from afar? Secondary to Stan Lee’s cameos in Marvel movies, it’s got to be among the best cameos ever.

1 – Love Actually (2003)

Well, here it is – one of the most Christmassy movies in existence. It’ll either make you want to vomit or cry happy tears. But it’s got a stellar cast, and the nine stories are seamlessly interwoven to show the one emotion that connects us all: love. If this movie doesn’t pick up your mood and put you in the holiday spirit, then I don’t know what will!

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