Underdogs Continue to Impress

Thomas Allitt

Ajax shocked the world when they knocked out Champions League tyrant Real Madrid during the first round of eliminations. The Dutch club was then matched against Serie A giants Juventus, making the match-up an anticipated one. With Cristiano Ronaldo being one of the most prolific strikers of both the era and the Champions League, this was going to be a serious defensive task for Ajax, who would be playing against a freshly healed Ronaldo.

The whistle was blown, and the match went underway! Juventus did a solid job keeping a clean sheet against a very dominant Ajax, and did even better while securing the lead a few minutes before the halftime whistle. None other than Cristiano Ronaldo scored for his club when they needed it the most; the 33-year-old Portuguese striker scored a wonderful diving header which left Juventus fans speechless and Ajax fans nervous.

Ajax hearts were relieved after Brazilian youngster David Neres scored an unbelievable solo goal in the 46th minute to tie up the game. The game finished 1-1, giving Juventus the lead with an away goal.

Let’s not forget Real Madrid also had the advantage against Ajax, and against all odds lost at home.

The matchup has gotten even more exciting, as the underdogs may thrive again and find a place in the Champions League semi-final, a trophy they last won in 1995.

Originally Published on bandersnatch.ca