Welcome to Abbott

Slacking has Never Been so Fun

Dylan Masson

Welcome to Abbott! Here’s 26 phases you’re about to experience!

1. This isn’t high school anymore, I need to take this seriously.
2. I’m going to go to Office Hours.
3. Wow! I have so much freedom! I’m never going to class!
4. Annie’s Thursday?
5. This assignment is only worth 5%, I probably don’t even need to do it.
6. Annie’s Thursday??
7. How bad is the Oval’s coffee?
8. I’m going to join every club!
9. Annie’s Thursday???
10. Mid terms already?! This was a good wake up call, I’m going to start going to class!
11. I keep getting MIOs from all the clubs I joined and it’s really annoying.
12. Seriously though, Annie’s Thursday?
13. What is a Bandersnatch?
14. Can you believe Christmas is a month away?
15. Honestly I should have gone to class.
16. Why is my last exam December 19th?
17. Annie’s Thursday????
18. How great is this Christmas Break?! I feel like it’s going to last forever!
19. How’s it already over?
20. This semester I’m going to take school very seriously. I’m going to do all my readings.
21. Honestly if I just go to class I don’t even need to do the readings.
22. Annie’s Thursday?????
23. Let’s get tattoos from Slick’s.
24. Wait- Casgrain has a basement?
25. We’ve definitely got time to get Tim’s before class starts.
26. Annie’s Thursday??????

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