What A Night!

On November 9th, 2017 I found myself once again at M Telus to see Flying Lotus perform his critically acclaimed 3D concert, courtesy of “Bucket List Music Reviews”, as I was the winner of their giveaway. As I stepped foot into the venue I was handed a pair of 3D glasses and fans were gathered already to see the stage already set up for both the openers and Flying Lotus himself. I found myself enjoying the first opener “Seven Davis Jr.” much more than the second opener “PBDY”, as he had a much more versatile performance in which he would sing and mix at the same time, while accompanied by a drummer. “PBDY” simply played song after song and I found myself setting bored with how long his set was. After the openers, it was time for the main event. And what a show it was! As soon as he began, it was like being transported to another world. His console was perched behind a podium which looked something out of a sci-fi film. I was curious to see how the 3d would work, he had projections displayed behind him which would come right at me, I have no idea who designed them but they deserved a special shout out. I was assaulted with some of the most insane imagery I have ever seen, some of it was nightmare fuel, but the marriage of sight and sound made for an excellent time, and I highly suggest checking him out. He said he’ll be back next year.


Andrew Wood
Entertainment Editor 

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 6 on November 22, 2017