What to do during Quarantine

Image Source: Pixabay

Vanessa Marion
Website Editor

Quarantine has got us all a little bored, huh? You may be wondering, what should I do? Well, Bandersnatch has got you covered. Here are six things to do during the quarantine, Bandersnatch style.

  1. Have a self-care day. Yes, you have seen it everywhere, and now it is time to do it. Anything that makes you feel relaxed and happy. Taking a hot bubble bath with candles and a book? Maybe you’d like to try a face mask and doing a puzzle. Or do something you loved to do as a kid. Perhaps it’s colouring; even if you suck just go to town on it and have fun. Try to do anything you can, on your own and without distractions (like those constant notifications). The point is, do something that you like that doesn’t cause you any anxiety.
  2. Make random Tiktoks. I know most of you just scoffed or perhaps cringed. However, they are genuinely fun to make. It takes you back to your childhood, when many of us played Just Dance, watched High School Musical, and made arbitrary dances with our siblings and friends to perform to our families. Maybe next time you are stuck with nothing to do, open the app and make some fun, cringy content.
  3. Facetime your friends and play games. You could play photo roulette for embarrassingly funny games, or you may enjoy psych, where you could come up with new idiotic ways to jokingly make fun of friends that are nearest and dearest to your heart.
  4. Clean out your room. Most people have clothes that are hanging in their closet that they’ve had for two years and never worn. Or have random knick-knacks that serve absolutely no purpose. This is the time to clean everything out and get rid of the things that are not necessary. Jam to some of your favourite songs from the early 2000s and get cleaning.
  5. Read and watch the entirety of Harry Potter. You don’t like reading, then just watch them. Have you already read and watched them? Do it again. This gives you the opportunity to finally understand all the Harry Potter references your friends may spew out. If you hate Harry Potter that much, then maybe try The Lord of the Rings or Hunger Games. Fandoms can be quite a fun place to explore.
  6. Write an article for Bandersnatch! If you go to John Abbott College and have something on your mind that you want to write about, you can message any of us on the team and we’ll let you know how to do it! Check out our staff on the Bandersnatch website, message us, and we could take your submission to be published on our website!

The quarantine can be a boring time for all of us, or you can spice it up by trying out some things on this list. Just make sure to stay safe and stay indoors.