What Will Bander Staff Be Doing During the Winter Break?

Winter break is coming, and it is coming fast. With all the commotions that come with the end of the semester, not many have stopped to ask themselves: “What am I doing during the break”? Now, that’s a question worth asking! So in order to give everyone some ideas as to what they can do during the break, I asked the Bander staff what they plan on doing during the well-deserved break, and here’s what I got.

“Thinking of better things I can do with my time, and then accomplishing none of it. Also, thinking about my summer break because school won’t be over till then” -Max (Editor-In-Chief). Max, you forget university.

“Hopefully getting a job. Take my mind off of things. Turn 18. Blackout. Get some good reading in. Airbnb with some friends” -Defne (Campus Editor). No comment from Dani, who is already sleeping on our couch.

“Dying… or enjoying myself for once” -Andrew (Entertainment Editor).

“Watch Stranger Things Season 2!”- Dani (Arts and Culture Editor) comments only after realizing it’s only 5:25pm.

“Knit a hat, play with my cat, and engage in some friendly chitchat”- Connor (Assistant Editor/ Chief).

“Read. Sleep. And repeat”- Virginia (Science&Tech Editor). I am down for that too, Virginia!

“Hibernate”-Liliane (Opinions Editor). YES!

“Renovate my workspace. Change my wardrobe” -Kyle (Production Manager). Kyle, I have to say, you are hella productive).

And there you have it! The Bandersnatch’s exciting plans for the winter break! If you needed any ideas for what to do, then hopefully this is useful to you. I will be following our staff’s ideas and hibernate for the following month, but you do you.

Camille Pigeon
Procrastinator Editor

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 6 on November 22, 2017