What’s It Like In Rez?

by Shiraa Noumbissie-Nzefa (Science and Tech Editor)

How is it living in rez? For instance, are there any special events around there? Like parties, game nights, and stuff?

Party night is Thursday, and there are gym nights every Wednesday. There are also dorm activities per wings if the residents want to participate. Oh! And pool nights are on Monday. We go to Casgrain and swim if we want to…

But how can you do party nights on Thursday, don’t you have class Friday?

Blame [Annie’s] for that. Parties are on Thursdays since most of us leave for the weekend; some don’t have classes on Fridays for long weekends. And Annie’s has a special of some sort on Thursdays. So yeah, we don’t have a bar inside rez. There’s a room with old laundry machines though if people wanna do their laundry.

On another note, I heard rez was renovated recently. Where you there when that happened?

Well, they renovated part of it during the summer, or else during the semester. Now, they’re renovating parts of a floor of dorms.Last semester it was below my room, so I got to live in both non-renovated and renovated rooms. Vibrations and whatnot. It’s…special, haha.

So how much better is your new room now?

Well, I had a renovated room last semester. I have a non-renovated one this year. The beds were longer but harder. We had new furniture, and better stoves I think. At least everything was nicer-looking.

Then what do you think outsiders would be surprised by if they came to live in rez?

I don’t know if they would be surprised. It’s sort of what I believe people expect rez to be. Sorry, I still can’t answer that as can’t place myself in another’s shoes.

Thanks for everything!

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