Why Are We Excited About the 2000s?

A Look Ahead

I’m very excited for 3D technology in cinemas everywhere. – K.B. Smith
I’m looking forward to the new Star Wars movies. -Ehsan Rajabian
I’ll be the first to ride the hoverboards in 2015! – Vanessa Burns
I wanna be the governor of a moon colony. -Tyler Boulay
Lesbians. -Rose LaFleur
I love Jennifer Lopez’s new single “Jenny from the Block”, and I expect it to stay on the Top 40 for years to come. -Benjamin Fournier
Jet packs. -Aaron Rogers
Not dying after Y2K. -Bree Carpenter
I truly hope that in the coming years, Canada does legalize same-sex marriage. -Bradley Drew Brereton
Flying cars. – Bill Mahon
I’m looking forward to turning five years old. – Zoe Shaw

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