Yoshi’s Wooly World

by Dylan Ricci
Staff Writer

Nintendo’s most beloved dinosaur just received its own platformer for the Nintendo Wii U console. Whether or not you’re a gamer, you probably know who Yoshi is. Without him, Mario wouldn’t have been able to save Princess Peach on multiple occasions.

Yoshi is once again receiving much deserved love from Nintendo with Yoshi’s Wooly World, which was recently released in North America on October 16th. This is the seventh main entry in the series of Yoshi games, where we get to experience the loveable and oh-so-heartwarming character as the main protagonist rather than a sidekick.

Yoshi’s Wooly World was first announced to the world in 2013, but much work has been put into the game to prepare it for its release. At 2014’s edition of E3, Nintendo provided a gameplay trailer for the game, giving gamers an opportunity to get a good look at what they could expect. Luckily it didn’t disappoint, and the final released version of the game was met with widely positive reviews.

Collectively, Yoshi’s Wooly World was said to have provided a visually stunning gaming experience, taking full advantage of the yarn aesthetic. What to expect from a Yoshi platformer consists of bright, beautiful colours, a creative use of its console’s control mechanisms, a nostalgia inducing soundtrack, innovative levels and challenges, and most importantly, so many Yoshis. Luckily, Yoshi’s Wooly World provides all of this, and has proved to be another successful edition in the Nintendo family.

As someone who played Yoshi’s Story for the Nintendo 64 way too often, I’m ecstatic to try this game out, and to once again gush over the cutest character in video g

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