You Chose Her

Andrea Nikolov


I knew you had chosen her
I could see it in your eyes at night
I could see it from the bruises on your skin
I saw but was blind

I knew you had chosen her
From the days it was only to her you spoke
And on the nights we would say nothing to each other
I wanted to speak but was turned mute

I knew you had chosen her
When the liquor was all I could smell
Or when your coat reeked of her perfume
My clothes were tainted by her odor

I knew you had chosen her
When your sweet words were replaced with rude slurs
Every word nothing but an abuse
With every curse cutting away at my love for you 

I knew you had chosen her
Your touch no longer made me smile
Your love started feeling fake, playing pretend
Every touch we shared became worthless

I knew you chose her
All it took was to walk away from you to see you care
It took everything to heal the scars,
And even more to keep you away from my life

Originally Published on Vol.49 Issue 12 on April 1st, 2020