15 Signs That it’s the End of the Semester

It’s That Time of Year Again. Welp.It’s That Time of Year Again. Welp.

by Élissya Lécuyer
Procrastinator Editor

1. You say you’re “so done” to every person you talk to (because you really are “so done”).
2. No one says they had a good night’s sleep. You’re lucky if you get over 6 hours in one night.
3. Every teacher assigns work due on the same damn days.
4. Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee. Did I mention coffee?
5. At this point, stress just becomes a part of you.
6. You’re broke because you always spend on comfort food.
7. Motivation to go to class drops from 10 to -1000.
8. “Is it Winter Break yet?!” is what goes through your mind 24/7.
9. You start to plan what you want to do for the break, because let’s face it… Anything other than school work is what you want to focus on.
10. You abusively use the hysterically crying emoji, since it’s the one that best depicts your current mood.
11. You’re always 99% more prone to falling asleep in class.
12. Spending one hour too many on social media can be the death of you and your work #RIP.
13. Spending time with friends or with your bae is basically impossible.
14. You can’t deal with life anymore.
15. You: *Sighs*
Person: “Are you okay?”
You: *Starts crying/laughing, because school*

Source: commons.wikimedia.org
Source: commons.wikimedia.org

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