A Defense Of Procrastinator (And) Getting Rid Of Procrastinator

For the faithful Bandersnatch readers that exist, many of you know that I often contribute to this very section, the Procrastinator, which often displays whimsical games, memes, and articles. Among the staff we call it the joke section of the paper, which we’re able to fill up fairly easily with content. But, perhaps that comes at a cost, as I often hear that from readers and some staff alike, that in even a paper such as Bandersnatch, it’s unbecoming to have such content. They say “the paper should be focused on articles that are about JAC” or “it should respect the integrity of the newspaper”, and so the Procrastinator should be removed. While I understand the part about representing the paper in a positive light, I have to say: When did things of a less serious nature become discardable or unimportant? And then instead what will be added? More serious content? More news stories? More scientific discoveries? But, you know what I say to those ideas? BEGONE THOUGHT(S).

Honestly, it’s a shame that people don’t value the silly as much as they could or should. And, I’m not talking about going out and clubbing till 3 am on a school night, I’m just talking about letting loose every once and awhile. I think the Procrastinator section plays an important role not only in the paper, as it provides balance and a creative outlet for writers to engage a lighter version of themselves, but also in society as there is always a need for leisure activities. Why is it that when we grow up it’s seen as necessary to take life entirely more seriously? That as kids we had it all wrong, and that suddenly it’s time to grow up. I think the basic feelings and thoughts that we have as kids, are some of the most important. A curiosity about the world. A desire for trying new things. Loving others without bounds. And most importantly, the ability to find joy in most things.

As college students and young adults who are becoming fully fledged grown ups, we’re all trying to find the equilibrium between enjoying ourselves and taking on the new responsibilities and expectations given by society. And yes, there are certainly some things that should be taken seriously. Someone died or is sick? Be serious. Someone got dumped? Be serious. But, there is a limit, and eventually that need to be fun arises. And oftentimes, making a point while having a good time or doing something that you enjoy allows many people to let down their adult persona. Even science says so, as people who laugh are more likely to be in better mental and physical shape. And when was the last time someone had a really good chuckle when reading about the latest health effects of sugary goods? I donut think that it’s often.

Really, my argument here, my thesis if you will, is that being silly is just as important as being serious. So, Procrastinator shouldn’t be cut simply because it’s not like the other sections in its tone. Now, that doesn’t mean that the content can’t improve to be even more creative and fun in an intelligent way, but at least the possibility of such subjects should exist. So, from a normally pretty grave person to the rest of you, lighten up a bit why don’t ya?

So, for those very astute readers of Procrastinator articles, you’ll notice that I just wrote an article arguing for the preservation of this very section. So, why the reversal of what seemed to be a sure position then? Well, alas it would seem that nobody wants to contribute to this section and so I am forced to create this article through sheer creative nonsense. And so, that makes me think that such a lack of content is a reason for why Procrastinator has perhaps met its end. It’s ironic that I said that it’s easy to come up with content for Procrastinator, as I’m just beginning to regret my words.

But, otherwise besides actually not being able to gather content, I’ll admit that the quality of this section is not always up to the same standard as others. Now, I’m not trying to particularly disparage Procrastinator, as other sections do not always produce the best content for the paper themselves.

However, after several additions of mildly chuckle worthy memes, the often self-generated gags are far from appealing to many people. As I was also a rather frequent culprit of, games are common place in this section. In past issues, Procrastinator has published crosswords, word searches, and fill in the blanks. Now, it’s often easy to come up with quick little games and a way to feel as though you’re actually contributing, however for games it’s often the case that the readers are required to make their own fun. The appeal in things like fill in the blanks are that you randomly come up with words (much like I’m doing now), and as you place them into the prescribed text, laugh as the humor unfolds. However, such kind of humor is always much funnier with those you care about. Imagine, alone reading a copy of all things, the Bandersnatch, and doodling in a fill in the blanks by oneself. Even I have to admit that sounds pretty lame. And as for crosswords and word searches, the kind of content offered in the Procrastinator isn’t quite risqué or saucy enough for a college audience to have a lot of fun with.

So, let’s procrastinate no more and get rid of Procrastinator.

Connor Sin-Chan
Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Originally published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 10 on March 14, 2018