Achieve The Impossible!

by Anagabriel Trevino

Back to school, tell me about it! We are all re-adjusting. Whether it’s our first year of Cegep, or we’re preparing for university and the workforce, we are all embarking on an epic journey. Much like in Jules Verne’s 1873 classic tale, we are all entering a world of new possibilities, newfound freedom and new, sometimes scary challenges.

NanoMortis, Deviant Artist, creates amazing images using Photoshop C5S, pens and water colors. This is his latest piece, released in July of this year. It’s entitled “Meet Me After Eighty Days”. Referring to Verne’s epic tale, the title seems to say: “Meet me after I have achieved the impossible”. The background is very dynamic with swirling white andsoft purple, giving an idea of motion. The starry pattern gives the impression of a wide open space, full of reassuring light and endless possibilities.

Source: NanoMortis (real name unknown) “Meet Me After Eighty Days”,  Deviant art
Source: NanoMortis (real name unknown) “Meet Me After Eighty Days”, Deviant art

In the lower right hand corner, flying upward, are some red balloons reminding us of the famous song “99 Red Balloons” and also telling us not to overreact to problems or take them too seriously. All these aspects are combined to create the hopeful first day of a trip. It is probably one of the artist’s most cheerful works yet. It is quite different from other, darker pieces, and that is why I think it’s so special. It is infused with the light of a new beginning.

This all goes to show new beginnings don’t need to be scary. This picture brings together all the excitement, all the fun, and all our best wishes for this new school year.

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